#tiramisufact: tiramisu at kafe coklat

this afternoon i went to a cafe named coklat, it lies on cik ditiro street yogyakarta. i ordered a chocolate ice cake and beef sausage. i was surprised by their service. i didn’t need to wait too long for my orders. i really enjoyed my foods. but unfortunately i forgot to take its picture.. ;(
after i finished my meal, i went to the cashier to paid my bill. i glanced to their etalase and found the label of tiramisu but without the tiramisu. so i asked to the cashier boy whether the tiramisu is sold out. he told me to wait a second while he checked to their storage room. lucky me, he found some, i asked one to take home. well, i paid rp. 18.500 (tax 10%) for it.
i just finished my tiramisu. not too deliciouse but it nice, i thought its coffe taste was too strong. but fine. finally i found tiramisu in Yogyakarta. altough its taste wasn’t as delicious as the tiramisu i’ve ever eaten, but it’s now my choice for cake. :9

Tiramisu at coklat cafe, sorry i almost ate it then i remembered to capture it first..hehehe..

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