#tiramisufact: tiramisu ala parsley

it’s me again, talking about tiramisu. hehehe..

well, this afternoon i had an appointment with my friend for play NX Pump at Ambarukmo Plaza Yogyakarta. when i went toward the place where we had to meet, i saw Parsley’s outlet and suddenly wondered whether they sell tiramissu or not. so i visited them and saw their etalase. and there they were.

there are two variants of tiramissu sold by parsley. those are tiramissu capucino and tiramissu mousse. and you know what? i bought both. ahahaha…

i just enjoyed them. well, they were not as i expected. i couldn’t taste the coffe, which is the characteristic of tiramissu. but i prefer tiramissu capucino than tiramissu mousse.


tiramissu capucino

tiramissu capucino

tiramissu mousse

tiramissu mousse


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