#tiramisufact: tiramisu ala kobayashi

the last saturday i got a job to sing with my choir in an event held on by BEM of GMU. while we waited for our show time, we made a small chat. i told them about my obsession to find the most delicious tiramisu in Yogyakarta. diora, soprano, told me that she ever saw tiramisu in kobayashi, it’s a cake shop lies on jalan magelang, yogyakarta.

by the time our job was done, i went to kobayashi and i saw tiramisu in there. i immediately bought it.

tiramisu ala kobayashii don’t have any idea why a cake shop named in japanesse served a tiramisu which is an italian dessert. hahaha..

oh yeah, sorry i ruined  its form because of my careless when i took it home. unless its form, its taste so nice. i tasted chese and coffe in a balance proportion. hmm.. i think it’s the most delicious tiramisu i’ve ever tried. but my desire to find the most delicious tiramisu isn’t finish yet by the finding of this tiramisu. i’ll find more..


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