#tiramisufact: finally tiramisu ala pizza pazza

tiramisu ala pizza pazza

don't judge its taste fron the appearance

yes, please don’t judge its taste from the appearance. because of my careless, i ruined its form and become so messy. but don’t worry, its taste was still the same. actually, i’ve been waiting for several days for tasting its tiramisu. i got this recommendation from a mention by a person in twitter via @kulinerjogja. several days ago i tried to look for its shop but i couldn’t find it. then i found it the day after but poor me, i went there wher the shop was closed.

tiramisu ala pizza pazza

tiramisu ala pizza pazza

pizza pazza lies on Jl.Kapt.Hariyadi Kaliurang Km 9 (in front of Merapi View/Pesona Merapi’s gate). they serve so many variants of pizza. but to be honest, i don’t interest in their pizza, just their tiramisu. it’s so nyummy. i tasted the balance of coffee and cheese. but i think they immersed its ladyfingers in the coffee too long so that the coffee penestrated too much to the ladyfingers, as the result, the cake was too moist.

but overall, i love its taste. i recommend this tiramisu to you.. πŸ˜€

tiramisu ala pizza pazza

tiramisu ala pizza pazza


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5 responses

    • hahay..dimana2 tiramisu memang ukurannya kecil2..
      yaah berdasarkan pengalaman sih tiramisu ini yang paling mendekati asli dan paling enak..masalah harga mgkn jg krn kejunya juga mahal.. πŸ™‚

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