my laptop is alive!!

yeah..i almost sure about that..just like bumblebee in transformer..hahaha..

so, i just felt uncomfort feeling this morning because of something..umm..something which broken my i didn’t cry..just felt like raining inside my heart but it didn’t flood from my eyes..

i save many songs in my playlist actually, including mellow, classic, rock, jazz, etc..i set it to be random in my WMP..but i don’t have any idea, how my laptop choosed song to play..its choosed some mellow songs to play for my morning-uncomfort-feeling backsound and made me felt so deep blue.. ;”(

after a short contemplation and realized that all of this feeling was so silly, i got my spirit back. and you know what??my laptop played energic songs!!!hahaha..

it seems that he really knows what i do you think??then, i would be surprised if he suddenly jumped and turned into a robots just like the bumblebee did. and i hope my laptop’s a kind robots. hehe.. (too high imagination)

mm..if you’re really alive dear, pardon me for all of my anger about your not-responding-habbit..but you’re realy treat my patience by doing that anyway..and..yeah..i really love you so much dear.. :-*

by the way, you’re always be my best best friend ever!!!

yogyakarta, 28.01.11


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