i don’t understand you..

I don’t understand why did you do that thing to me? are you going to hurt me? but for what purpose? have I ever did something bad to you except loving you? FYI, you broken my heart twice. but your first time was better. you beg my apologise although I didn’t tell you that i was adoring you in that time. but now??

yeah, I’ve told you my feeling. you appreciated that,I know. and I’ve knew you would you refused, of course, because you are adoring someone. and I was right. but I never expected you’d do this to me. you declared your love just several hours after my love confession. that’s really disapointed me. i’ve never expected a nice guy like you would treat someone who loves you by this way.

but who am I dare to attack you like that? maybe I just wrong in choosing time to told you my feeling. you’ve plan for that (mentioned that girl) for weeks ago and I suddenly told you this. so I understand if you couldn’t delayed your plan just for keep my heart from broken.

but still,
i’m hurt ;(

yogyakarta, 01.02.11