#belindesia introduction

hello guys!
you’re now visiting the official page of belindch.
and if you wonder what’s belindch? belindch is me! that’s my pen name.

i created belindch several months ago. it belongs to belinda chandra hapsari. you can pronounce it as “belind” just like my daily name.

about my personality, i’m an open minded person who have so many wild ideas about life. i never afraid to face my life because i always believe that Allah will always with me. so that i never hesitate to try something new for a purpose to make my life alive.

i was born on semarang, on the date when mr. Abel Tasman landed his ship at New Zealand on 1642, on the date when mr. soeharto, the president of Indonesia in that time, issued “KEPUTUSAN PRESIDEN REPUBLIK INDONESIA,TENTANG PENUNJUKAN BADAN-BADAN TERTENTU DAN BENDAHARAWAN UNTUK MEMUNGUT DAN MENYETOR PAJAK PERTAMBAHAN NILAI DAN PAJAK PENJUALAN ATAS BARANG MEWAH”. haven’t found the date yet? hmm.. let me give you 1 more clue: when Saddam husein, the ex-dictactor of irak, was being arrested, i celebrated my 15th birthday.

now, i’m still a student of gadjah mada university, majoring dentistry. this is my last year by the way. i wish i could graduate from this place on august 2011 then entering the clinical stage and “sworn” as a dentist on dec 2013. amin.

i live in a boarding room near my campus. it’s a lovely room altough i often leave it messy. hehehe..

beside study in campus, i also join with the choir of GMU. i love singing!!!
my other hobies are writting, reading and cooking. i also fond of travelling and photography. i’ll tell later on other pages about my hobies.

my parents still live in semarang. i visit them once a month or anytime i have free time. they live in our house accompanied by my turtles, dori and bianca.

that’s enough for the begining of my introduction. i’ll post some texts about me again, later. you can also find me at twitter @belindch and facebook belind ch. i like to make new friends. so, if you wanna be my friends, i’d love too.. πŸ˜€



2 responses

  1. Ga rugi deh kenalan ma Belind…. wawasannya luas… baik hati… arah hidupnya penuh makna… Semoga Allah SWT selalu melindunginya.

    • aaamiin..jangan berlebihan ah pak..saya juga banyak terinspirasi oleh bapak..semoga segala pujian tidak membuat saya sombong dan segala cacian akan membuat saya lebih mantap melangkah.. #MovingOn !! πŸ˜€

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