#belindesia my personal life and my family (written for IELSP)

My name is Belinda Chandra Hapsari but people call me Linda or Belind. I was born on December 13th 1988 in Semarang. I lived there with my parents before I moved to Yogyakarta for studying Dentistry in Gadjah Mada University. Now I live in a boarding house near my campus and visit my parents once a month on weekend or anytime I have holiday.

I realy close to my parents impersonal. I tell anything to them, including friends, college, even when I have a crush on someone. My parents educate me like mother bird teaching her children to fly and then let them go to live their own life. They don’t spoil me although I am their only child. They always tell me that I can’t always rely on others in life, so I have to be able to live independently. It made me accustomed to do anything by my self. My principle, as long as I can do it by my self, I wouldn’t ask for help to others. That’s why I can adapt easily in a new environment, like the first time I had to live alone in Yogyakarta. Furthermore, I grew up to be an initiative and self-confident person.

My parents never limiting my activities. They gave me freedom to do anything I want as long as it’s positive, useful, and reliable. They just ask me not too busy with my activities and forget to study, I respect it and prove it by showing my academic achievement. I made it into SLTPN 3 Semarang and continued to SMA N 3 Semarang which both are known as the best school in my city. Indeed I failed to passed the university enterance test on my graduation year, but I paid it by study hard for the next year test. I passed it in the following year and accepted in Dentistry of Gadjah Mada University.

I’m an extrovert, easy going, friendly and adaptable person. I’m talkative but I prefer to be alone when I got bad mood. I’m also an open minded and high curiousity person. I don’t like violences and have an interest in social things. I’m a little careless and impatience but responsible and serious about doing my responsibility. I will struggle to get my desire.

I interest in organization and social activity. I joined with several organization since I was in junior high school, those are OSIS (Intra-school Student Organization) in JHS, MPK (Class Representative Organization) in SHS, Red Cross Youth in both JHS and SHS, Cinematography in SHS, and Denta Paramitha Study Club, Fosma 165 DIY, and Choir of UGM in college. I also joined to GER (Gelanggang Emergency Response) as a volunteer to help refugees when The Mount Merapi erupted on the last November. Now, I’m helping in a project named “Seribu Burung” which held on by my blogger community to build an emergency school for the victims of earthquake on 2006.

I love writing and often sent my writtings to the local news paper. Some of them are published. I have some blogs to share my ideas, experiences, opinion, and my works on photography. I also like reading. I read fantacy stories, inspiring stories, and detective stories. My favourite writters are Agatha Christie, J.K. Rowling, and Tere-Liye (Indonesian writter).

I listen to any music genres but preferable in classic and accoustic. My favourite singers are Rossa and Vidi Aldiano (both are Indonesian singers), Josh Grobban, Andrea Bochelli, and Mariah Carey. I amazed by the way they sing. I like singing, that’s why I joined to choir.

I like travelling and photography. I took many pictures and shared them in my web account. My biggest dream is travelling around the world to learn cultures, languages, people and taking more pictures.

In my future, I want to do many things beside my job as a dentist. I want to write some books and having a social foundation or joining to UNICEF and Indonesian Red Cross as a volunteer.

Essentialy, I want my life to be useful for me and for others. As it said in a commercial advertisement on TV:

I want to live my life to the absolute fullest

To open my eyes to be all I can be

To travel roads not taken, to meet faces unknown

To feel the wind, to touch the stars

I promise to discover myself

To stand tall with greatness

To chase down and catch every dream


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