#skripsiana : kesamber gledek di siang bolong

i was taking a nap when a text suddenly received by my phone cell, and i woke up because of it. i checked who was the sender. ups.. it came from my professor. he said: “skripsi dijilid bsk dibagikan ke penguji, ujian senin jam 11” (bound your thesis, give it to your examiners tomorrow. your test will be held on monday, 11 am)

i read it semi-consciously because i was still sleepy. my brain loaded that information slowly. i almost felt asleep again, but then i realize what was the message mean. i got my consciousness suddenly, turned on my laptop and printed my proposal. oh geez.. πŸ˜„

it was really driving me crazy!!! it’s like kesamber gledek di siang bolong (struck by lightning in the sunnyday). i’ve never expected a sudden info like that before. i was shocked and more shocked when i realized that today is thursday, tomorrow will be friday, the day after is saturday, then monday.. AAARRRGGGHHH…

I hope my exam will go smoothly and I can do a good presentations. amin.

innallahama’ana, fainnama’al usri yushro..

yogyakarta, feb 17 2011




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