#ceritahariini : senin yang harusnya libur

it should be my freeday today!!! unfortunately the PPJP class has moved from wednesday to monday. so i got to go to campus today.

i went to campus with a high passion for facing today this morning (no, no., actually not really a high passion, i still feel nothing untill my experiment has finished). whatever, but i went to campus cheerfully. then i found the classroom was too quiet. i took my cellphone and found 2 messages, they told me that PPJP class was canceled. aaarrghhh.. i went to campus for nothing this morning!!!

i decided to go to the 5th floor of RSGM to meet my supervisor lecturer but i couldn’t find him. so i went back to the 1st floor and sat in front of the pharmacy’s locket, had no idea to do something, just looked around. my campus was bussy today because this day is the clossing day of the dies natalis of faculty of dentistry, GMU. everyone who works in FKG UGM has to wear the batik clothes with the same pattern. i giggled at them, they seem like school’s student. hehehe…

i have sat for a half of hour when i saw mr. djawahir. he’s an enginer in conservation’s laboratory. so i called him and we were talking about making a tray for my experiment’s tool. we agreed to make the tray at 1 pm this day. i back to the bench and sat again, still had no idea what i have to do. then he came, my supervisor lecturer. i ran after him and asked about my pre-experiment. and he said, ” do it!”

i jumping for joy! my second supervisor said i could’nt start my pre experiment before i got permittion to do that. but now i have it. so i can started my pre experiment. i hope i can finish my experiment on this month. amin.

so, i went to campus not really for nothing.. πŸ˜€

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