nyam nyam nyam


long time no see..hehehe..i spent my last days reading animorphs..i became so addicted of it these days..i read it on a shot i got to my dorm room..and i brought it everywhere actually..hehehe..

now is raining and the lightning is very fearsome.. Oh God..please make it a good rain.. 😥

btw, i face a big problem..yup “big” in literally..my big body..it’s called obesity..and i think it’s time to start my weightloss program again before my clothes become no longer fit..beside that, i’m afraid of death by cholesterol and yes, my body’s full of cholesterol..

detoxi’ll start with detoxification programme. it’s mean i’ll just eat only any kind of juicy fruits for 3 days. i want to throw up all of toxin contained in my body. after that i’ll go to eat a balance meal. it’s better for me than keep my self from eating nothing then i’ll become crazy with food in the end of my diet programme. that kind of diet programme doesn’t work to me. i’ll also go to do some exercise..wow..please pray for me..hehehe..

actually i planned to start my diet last monday..but i have 2 invitations and i couldn’t keep my self from taking any kind of foods they served, any food that we cooked together..

first invitation came from the ex-volunteers of  “Gelanggang Emergency Response for merapi’s eruption 2010”. we cooked some food from potatoes in wijil’s boarding house. we made donat kentang, lumpia donat, cream soup, and es buah. hmm.. do you expect i could hold it all?? nope..hehehe..

second invitations is today, in nene’s house. she’s one of my close friends in campus. she’s celebrating her new house and decided to cook something for us, but she needed a help so she invited her for joining her in the kitchen. predictable, i ate so much. hihihi..

so i decided to start my healthy diet for my better healthness. you better start it too because i’m sure you ate too much lack nutricious meal such as instant food or junk food etc.



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