#oshin got accident

maybe before you go to my story, you should know that oshin is the name of my mommy’s car. it’s a corolla. I named her. mm.. yap, her. that car is a female. so, here’s the story..

a phone rang disturbing my morning that i asked the assistant to pick up the phone. it came from my dad. so i took over the phone. my dad said they got an accident. oshin crushed a stall. awwh.. so i drove motorcycle to meet my parents on the location of accident. thanks God my parents were saved. but the front part of oshin was broken. that’s ok! everything would be fine.

aha.. when i headed to that place, there were so many polices in the road. not only that, there were also so many students wearing scout uniform and they brought a small indonesian flag. i didn’t have a clue why. then i asked my mom and she said that the vice president of indonesia, mr. budiono would came to Unnes (semarang state university). not long after, the police stopped vehicles passing on the road. i was very curious so i walked to the side of the road. first appeared was a police car, then followed by two police motorcycles, and after a few cars passed, I saw a car with plate number “RI 2” which I assumed as the car of the vice president. involuntarily i waved to that car. owh.. that was so silly!!!

back to oshin, my dad brought her to the mechanic to have it fixed. i hope we wouldn’t need paid to much for it. i really concern to my family finance since my money need for the college were too much. i’m sure God will give us our necessity, but still, i feel so guilty because my parents had to work hard to pay our needs.

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