#ceritahariini : when i got tired

I just wanna go home by now. NOW!!! and meet my mom, get her big hug and crying on her shoulder as I used to cry. I wanna tell her that I can’t stand by this anymore! i’m tired! and all i had just nothing. all i got just a failure.
No! I don’t feel sorry about my experiment result. of course i don’t mind to study over my experiment again. but i just.. I don’t know.. i feel like everything goes wrong to me.

whether I was too obsessed?
when i said i want to graduate on this august, it was nothing but passion. now it seems become an obsession and it burdens me.
actually i still have 2 months for chasing the august graduation. but now i lost my confidence. i lost my passion to move on. i lost my energy. and i get bored.

God, is it all about You? about me and You? why do I find it hard for me to get closer over You? am i stubborn? i do think so.
Oh God, i’m tired i need a shoulder to lean on. it should be Yours.
God, may i lean my head on You to relieve my fatigue???