me and hulahoop

 this last view days i really interest in playing hulahoop. that’s something that i’ve never thought about before. i just knew that i couldn’t playing that kind of hoop, i’ve played once in my childhood and gave up carelessly. but a friend of me always talking about playing hulahoop. then i found my self got interest on it.

so, i bought a hulahoop. not too large, it’s only 1 m in diameter. then i asked my friend, Eka Widyaputri, to taught me how to play it. she showed that playing hulahoop is really easy untill i played it by myself. ouch.. so strange how she moved her body easily through that hoop, but i couldn’t do that.

now i add  practising hulahoop in my daily schedule. only 30 minutes a day but i think that’s enough. moreover i got several pain in my weist ;(

you know what? i practised it this afternoon and Eka, another Eka, the daughter of my boarding house’s guard, saw me and said that she can playing hulahoop. yep, she proved it by playing it. she just 11 years old and that’s so easy for her!!! but why it becomes difficult for me?? *crying in the edge of my room*

 but i wont give up!!! let’s play and shake your body!!! for the sake of a flat belly 😀

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