muhammad ihsan maulana

who’s that? i don’t even know. it also doesn’t the friend’s name of mine. that name just appeared in my mind yesterday, when i was in the bus for yogyakarta. it suddenly came then an idea showed up in my head, i’ll give that name to my future son. oh my God! i don’t even have any husband yet. i haven’t met him yet either. hahahaha..

i looked for it’s meaning, muhammad is the name of our great phrophet, ihsan means goodness and maulana means protector. so muhammad ihsan maulana will be a boy who protect the goodness. or a boy who always keep doing goodness. that’s really a meaningful name which contain a great pray for the owner of that name.

i also have looked for the name in facebook and found that i don’t have any friends with that name. and people whose name muhammad ihsan maulana aren’t connected with my account. so why that name suddenly came to my mind? was it a sign for anything? was that included in any spiritual experience? i don’t know. and i don’t care. hahaha..

just wait and see, i believe it happened for something. not today, not tomorrow, maybe someday. hihihi..

see yaa.. 😀

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