what a day

i don’t know what’s going on with me today but i felt so annoyed by people around me, whereas they just acted as usual. i ignored having  chat with several people. badmood? yeah. maybe i’ll get my period. i hope it just because my hormon.

actually i planned to go home today, but since the train for Semarang doesn’t work so i canceled my trip. I got bored heading semarang by bus.

i don’t know what to say, but i just feel that i have to post something. huhuhu.. i think this is the situation that exactly called “galau”. i have no more idea to continue this post guys. it come to dead end. *sigh*

hahaha..you know what? i already hungry know besides my last meal just in 1 pm. is it ok for me to take my dinner know? this diet thing drives me crazy, btw. since i just lost 2 kgs last week and got 4 kgs in a view day. why? T_T

ok guys, it’s not necessary to continue this post. i’d better go for dinner so i wouldn’t eat too late. bye! 🙂

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