adventuring – sambisari temple

hello, meet me again in my last adventure. in this post i’ll tell you about my visiting to Sambisari temple today. not exactly telling actually, but showing. because there’re so many writing about this complex of temples and some of them you can read in here or disini (click it). what you’ll get in my page are pictures that i took in that temple. so check it out and enjoy.. 😀 (please direct your cursor to the picture and you’ll read my comment on it )

A: statue found around the temples; B: Goddess statue; C: jaladwara; D: Unfinished statue; E: i don't know; F: do you think it's kinda like something? hehehe

actually in those post that I suggested, you won’t find any clue about how to head to this temple. so i’ll give you the clue. if you come from Yogyakarta, take the way to Solo city, go along Solo street (in 10 kms or more) until you find Adi Sucipto airport. about 100m (mm..i’m not quite sure about the distance. sorry for my fool in measuring. hehehe..) you’ll find “Soto Kudus” on the left side of the road, go ahead slightly then turn left and follow the way. in the end of this way, the temples is gonna wait for you.

don’t worry about the ticket price. its cost is cheap. you just need to pay 2000 IDR for adult and 1000 IDR for children.

so, the temples are beautiful, aren’t they? do you think it’s worth to visit? would you do any effort to come and see this temples? hahahaha.. 😀

so, this is the end of this post and see you again in my next adventure

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