#tiramisufact : tiramisu ala Snap Cafe

ouch.. i really disapointed tonight. i paid 30.000 IDR for a musty tiramisu. whether that was unlucky me or it was the real taste of Snap’s tiramisu? i don’t know.

actually, although it wasn’t musty, it can’t be named as tiramisu since it has no cheese on it. it was just some layers of cake with cofee taste and an ordinary whipping cream. just the same with tiramisu ala Kedai Kopi. mine even better.

tiramisu called as tiramisu if it at least contains mascarpone cheese,  lady fingers biscuit soaked in coffee, and rhum. since rhum is forbidden for moslem, i usually replace the rhum with rhum essence. and because it’s difficult to find lady fingers biscuit, i replace it with sponge cake.

so, if you wonder how does the Snap’s tiramisu look like, here it is..

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