this is my lunar eclipse’s story, what’s yours?

i took this photo at 4:23 am (time in my digital camera) when i just woke up from my beauty sleep. hehehe.. i already woke up on 4 actually, but it took so long for me to gather my soul which fly away during my sleeping time. hahaha.. then i suddenly remember that the lunar eclipse was still happen, then i dragged my self to the roof of my boarding house and dazzled by this beautiful celestial event πŸ™‚ since my name contains the word ‘chandra’ which means moon, i really excited about the moon appearance.

being blank for a while, i took my digital camera and try to capture the eclipse. the picture above isn’t really figure that beautiful moment because it’s quite blur actually. and the shape of the moon is so strange, isn’t it? but this is the best picture i took. the others even worse because my hand shaken when i took it by my digi cam ;(Β  i wish i had a camera tripod!!!

unfortunately me, i miss the begining even the full eclipse, moreover it’s said as the longest and the darkest lunar eclipse ever. the moon entering the umbra (the darkest shadow of earth) for 100 minutes!!! huhuhu..Β  but it’s enough for me to see the ‘remains’ hehe.. fufufu.. at least i was luckier than people who missed it all. not really important but this experience will be the one of my great experience. πŸ˜€

so, this is my lunar eclipse’s story, what’s yours? #commercialbreak

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