#Adventuring – Sri Gethuk waterfall

after uncleared appointment, finally i went to sri gethuk waterfall which lies on Playen, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta Indonesia (S7°56’36” E110°29’21”) with my friends @AjaayPutra @YosaphatBayu @anantoaa and @hanidipidipta. we departed from Yogyakarta at 8.30 am and touched down on Sri Gethuk at 10.00 am. we met our guide, Kohar, and started to track the route headed to the waterfall. the track that we passed was slippery since the rain during the three last day. all of us got our clothes wet and muddy.

our effort was worth. after the tiring track, finally we reached the spot and found beautiful waterfall. the water falls from 3 fountains on the top of the hill. then the Oya river flows bellow. so natural. unfortunatelly the river was not clear because of the rain. but we still enjoyed tubing along the river.

here the pictures:

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if you want to see further information about Sri Gethuk Waterfall, you may visit this page –> Sri Gethuk