My 4 month old pregnancy


I drew it a month ago to celebrate my 4 month of pregnancy, the time when God blowing soul to my little tiny fetus. I really grateful and happy. Though till now I still can’t feel my baby movement. Maybe my tummy’s wall too thick by fats.. hahahaha… but in my last visit to doctor, he said we were health and perfect. He also said I have a tiny cyst on my right ova but nothing to worry. I hope so.
I’m glad I choosed to change my obsgyn doctor, he really communicative and answering all of my question although he had a lot of patients. I hope I’m in the right hand.
Oke, still have to run after my nutrition deficiency (fe and Vit D). I found my self more relax after the nausea and vomitting have gone.
Keep healthy, stay strong, and happy!!!

Belind CH

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