#friendsfact: Farida Lisna Priscasari

1. How did You Know Her?

i knew her from college, as the student of faculty of dentistry in gadjahmada university.

2. When, Where, and How did your First Meeting ?

i met her in one afternoon after a class. i was sitting alone on the cement box under the cashew tree in front of Room E (the tree doesn’t exist anymore because it fallen at the time of  ‘angin puting beliung’) when she suddenly came with Rhani and greet me.

3. Tell about Your Relationship with Her?

i call her lisna. After that first meeting, we always sit near each other in class and become a good friend. There’re 3 more girls in our friendship including rhani, mimi, and nene. lisna is my friend, partner in job (and crime, actually, hehehe..), and sister.

4. How does She Inspire You?

she inspires me how to become a responsible person, care to the family and friends, to be a tough person, patient and wise. she’s younger than me in age but she’s wiser.

5. Tell About Your Impression on Her!

she’s a kind person, cheerful, and responsible. she’s a very caring person to her friends. she’s a friend to whom i respect most because of her beautiful personality. sometimes she become a pesimistic when something depress her. but overall, she’s an incredible person unless her hobby of wearing jeans.